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A romantic bubbly comedy brilliantly directed by Robert MacLean set and filmed in Greece's sunny capital, Athens.

Sexy puckish pickpocket Becky, a Bugs Bunny of a girl, is teasing a wallet out of a purse on a crowded Athens metro when she notices Miranda, falls in love, and the chase is on. Oops, Becky picks the pocket of a policeman on vacation, her Elmer Fudd, and he's obsessed with catching her.

"The Light Touch" 

"Feel Flows" - Short Film

A neolithic tribal tale of love and demons. Directed by Paris Zarcilla.

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 12.11.41

"The Letter" - Short Film 

Winner Best Actress Award -Mosquers Film Festival - Canada

A short study: 

Romeo & Juliet

William Shakespeare



 When sixteen-year old Naya DeLora is recruited into Eden Academy, the prestigious school for the Elites, to become their new swim champion, she seems to have struck gold. But life on Ararat Heights is not what it seems. And Naya has a secret. One that could save her life—or cost her everything.


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